I Need Money Now: 19 Ways to Get Fast Cash

We have some options to explore if you need cash in a hurry.

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Planning your financial future is all well and good, but many of us face situations where we need to get money now in any way we can. Sometimes, bills and other expenses just can't wait. How can I get or borrow money right now, legitimately and without taking on long-term commitments?

19 Fastest Ways to Get Money

The first thing to keep in mind is that your ultimate goal isn't just earning quick money this week, but to eventually get into a situation where it isn't crucial to make money fast today just to cover ordinary expenses. Ideally, you'll be able to build an emergency fund large enough to deal with any unexpected problem.

For now, though, here are our favorite ways to get cash now:

Online Surveys

Filling in paid questionnaires about your shopping habits, favorite brands, feelings about video ads, social and political views, and nearly everything else under the sun isn't exactly lucrative. You can expect to earn only about $1 per hour, but online surveys do at least allow you to get money fast just while browsing the internet.

Unused Bandwidth Sharing

Assuming that you have an internet connection with unlimited access, you can install an app like IPRoyal or Peer2profit on your computer and earn quick money now without doing a thing. The idea is that foreign internet users use your computer's electronic address to access online content that's not available in their countries.

Side Hustles

If you find yourself crying out: “I need money now!” every other week, there's a good chance that you need to change the way you approach your finances. One solution is to spend less, the other to earn more. Do you have any skills you can apply as a small businessperson? Your spare time may be more valuable than you think.


Several credit cards, apps, and other financial services have a program that rewards you with a small percentage of the money you spend on qualifying purchases. Sometimes, these are paid out automatically. In other cases, you have to claim your bonuses. You may have instant money just waiting for you to withdraw it to Paypal or as a gift card.

Credit Card Bonuses

Many credit card companies offer sign-up incentives to new customers. These often take the form of a 0% introductory interest rate, but are sometimes paid out in cash. The catch is that you have to charge a minimum amount to the card within some period of time. This can therefore be a good solution if you need money fast and have a bunch of expenses coming up soon.

Junk Sale

If I need money and have an attic full of clutter, I can solve two problems at once by holding a garage sale. It's unlikely that you'll receive top dollar for a bunch of mildewed books and headless Barbie dolls, but then again you're not really giving up anything of value.

Writing Product Reviews

Some people actually earn quite a lot, both in cash and as free goods, to tell other internet users whether they enjoyed using a certain product or service, what its benefits are, and so on. If you need money now and don't have an existing reputation as a product reviewer, you'll collect much less, though a variety of apps and websites allow you to get started immediately.

Medical Testing

Companies need volunteers to try out everything from groundbreaking medicines to cosmetics. The risk to your health is minimal, as any new product is evaluated extensively before getting anywhere near humans. You'll be asked to track any side effects and submit them to medical tests as needed.

Teaching Online

If you need cash now, why not register as an online English teacher for foreign students? Often, the only real requirement is that you can speak it without an accent. If you have any other qualifications, such as being a full-time student in some area, you can probably earn quick cash today and even turn online tutoring into a side hustle.

Flipping Free Stuff

When you start looking online, there are a lot of items you can get without paying. Usually, these are either promotional giveaways or old junk that somebody just wants to get rid of. Especially if you have a pickup truck you can use to move stuff like old furniture and building supplies, you can probably get money today by finding someone who's willing to pay for somebody else's trash.

Spare Room Leasing

Whether by the night or as a longer-term arrangement, somebody needs a place to sleep in your city. There are plenty of websites where you can advertise an extra room if you need money. This works best if you're home most of the time to keep an eye on things.

Selling Spare Items

Most of us, when upgrading, will keep the old phone or computer “just in case”. You probably also have some decent clothes you no longer wear, jewelry you don't like, and gift cards you'll never use. All of these can be sold for instant money on websites like Facebook Marketplace.

Pawning Valuables

If I need cash now, hocking valuables like electronics and appliances at a pawnshop wouldn't be my first option. The amounts you can borrow aren't large, and you risk losing your belongings if you can't repay the loan. Pawning something is, at least, very quick.

Payroll Advance

Some businesses are willing to give you part of your paycheck a week or two early. This allows you to get money instantly, especially if you're a valuable employee who's already put in several years at the same company. Most employers will not do this on a regular basis, though.

Local Community Loans

Some nonprofit organizations offer short-term loans to local residents who are temporarily struggling to afford basic necessities. Online, you may also be able to ask for a peer-to-peer loan from a sympathetic stranger. In the latter case, you will probably have to pay some interest.

401(k) Loan

Though it's called a loan, withdrawing money from your retirement account really means that you're borrowing from your future self. In other words, a 401(k) loan lets you get cash now but prevents your nest egg from growing as fast as it could. Certain IRS rules apply, too: a 401(k) loan isn't like withdrawing money from a savings account.

Credit Card Cash Advances

Most credit cards allow you to withdraw quick money now from an ATM. This isn't free, though: aside from an up-front charge based on how much you borrow in this way, you'll have to pay interest on any amount you can't repay in the next billing cycle.

Payday Loan

A payday loan is similar to a payroll advance but supplied (at interest) by a third-party lender. The key point to understand about payday loans is that you're supposed to repay them with your next paycheck. If you don't, penalty charges and interest can cause you to end up owing much more than you borrowed originally.

Personal Loan

A personal loan is taken out when you need money now and intend to repay it over several months in installments. You may use the borrowed cash in whatever way you wish. The interest rate you'll be offered on this kind of loan depends mainly on the lender you choose and your credit score.

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Final Thoughts

Even if you need cash now and can't wait, it's still important to weigh your options carefully. All of them have some drawbacks, whether the amount of time and energy you need to spend upfront or how much interest you'll have to repay later. At the end of the day, the best policy is to make a point of saving for a rainy day from now on.

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