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We sometimes find ourselves in an emergency situation such as a car breakdown or medical event and we need an urgent loan to help pay for it. Fortunately, there are a number of good options to borrow money online instantly, so read on to find out more about these quick loans.

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What Types of Loans Should I Consider If I Want to Borrow Money Instantly?

Need a loan urgently? Check out the most popular quick loans available today:

Personal Loans

Often known as installment loans, personal loans provide quick cash that can be repaid over a reasonable period, from a few months up to several years. They are repaid in monthly installments usually with competitive interest rates so the repayments are affordable, and many online lenders offer them to people with poor credit. Once approved, the cash is typically available the same day.

Title Loans

These are loans secured against collateral, usually a car title. They are very quick and easy to obtain and no credit check is required because the loan is secure. The amount of the title loan is limited by the value of the car, and if the loan is not repaid as agreed the lender can take the car to sell it and recover the loan and costs.

Payday Loans

Payday loans are for small-dollar amounts, often between $100 and $1,000 that have to be repaid by the next payday which in some cases can be as little as 2 weeks. They have a high-interest rate and other fees and can be difficult to repay on time.

In that case, the lender will add more fees for late payments and higher interest rates which makes these loans very expensive. These loans are approved without a credit check and funded very quickly but due to the high cost should be used as a last resort.

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What Are the Pros and Cons of Borrowing Money Online?

Before borrowing money online it is important to consider both the pros and cons of online loans:


  • Convenience: The whole process can be done online from your home or office, from filling out simple application forms to signing the loan agreement digitally
  • Easy to Compare: You can compare terms and interest rates from different lenders who all have their own policies. But if you use a broker website, you can make sure you get the best deal
  • Bad Credit OK: Many lenders look at your overall situation, not just your credit score. They check your income and employment history and your ability to repay the loan


  • Higher Cost: Online loans are more expensive than banks or credit unions and have high-interest rates. They may also have other charges such as origination fees and penalties for late payment.
  • Predatory Lenders: Reputable lenders will not offer a loan unless they are sure you can repay it, and they have competitive interest rates. Some online lenders will offer loans without many checks and charge APRs above 100%.

Where Can I Trust to Get Money Instantly?

Here are the top 5 sites you can trust for online loans with instant approval:


Need cash but waiting for a paycheck? WeLoans can help you with an easy payday loan with fast approval. Fill out the simple online form and WeLoans will connect you with a network of lenders so you can compare rates and terms. Even if you have a poor credit score WeLoans can help you find a quick loan. You can get instant approval and have the cash in your account within 24 hours.


CocoLoan enjoys a reputation as a reliable broker and they can connect you to the most trustworthy lenders in the US. They will try to make it easy for you to get the loan you need with the best deal and get the money fast.

CocoLoan can help you find the best quick loan lenders but also they can connect you with lenders who offer other loan types with various rates and terms, and flexible repayment options so you can be sure that every situation is covered.


Nowadays it is very easy to get a payday loan and iPaydayLoans makes it even easier, with the whole process done online from your home, workplace, or even mobile phone.

iPaydayLoans will link you with their partner lenders whose offers will be tailored to suit you. The quick and simple process does not involve hard credit checks, so a poor credit score is ok. Loans can be from $50 up to $35,000 depending on your income and ability to repay the loan on time. There are no hidden fees and you can get the cash by direct credit within 24 hours.

US Bad Credit Loans

If you have a bad credit score, you may have difficulty getting a loan from many lenders. Fortunately, US Bad Credit Loans is dedicated to helping people in this situation and they have a network of lenders who will give instant approval and fast funding for up to $35,000 without a hard credit check.

Because US Bad Credit Loans mainly works with bad credit lenders, they can improve your likelihood of getting approved even with bad credit. Besides, US Bad Credit Loans uses bank-level secure technology so your data is safe and will not be shared with anyone except the chosen lenders.


With CashAdvance, you can get a payday loan from $100 to $1,000, to be repaid by your next payday. CashAdvance has a large network of lenders that can provide instant cash. You just fill out the online form to get a variety of loan offers that you can compare.

When you decide which one is best for your situation, you can get approval in a few minutes and the instant cash loan will be directly credited to your account the next business day. Other loan types are also available online, such as installment loans, at competitive interest rates.

How to Borrow Quick Loans Online From CocoLoan?

As a reliable and trustworthy broker, we will connect you with reputable lenders who can offer quick loans with instant approval. To find a loan through CocoLoan you just follow a simple 4 step process:

Fill Out the Submission Form

Submit your personal details through the easy online loan form and you will immediately get offers from multiple lenders tailored for your situation so you can compare rates and repayment terms.

Compare & Accept Offer

Before accepting a loan offer it is your responsibility to make sure you understand all the conditions of the loan agreement and that you can repay the loan on time. When you have chosen the offer that presents the best deal for you just contact the lender for instant approval.

Sign an Agreement

Nowadays signing an online agreement is simple through a secure web portal, making the whole online process convenient for you.

Get Money

The money will then be directly credited to your bank account within 24 hours for you to use immediately.

How Does CocoLoan Compare

default imgWhy Trust CocoLoan?
How much can you get?$50 to $35,000Zero upfront charges
What are the loan terms?1 - 36 monthsEasy repayment
Are credit checks needed?YesMostly soft pulls
Are bad credit accepted?YesAll credit considered
How to apply?Totally onlineSimple and straightforward
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How Much Can I Borrow From CocoLoan?

When you have an emergency, CocoLoan can help you to find quick short-term loans from $50 up to $5,000. Besides, we also have lenders in our network who can offer other loan types such as personal loans and title loans and for a longer repayment term, you can borrow up to $35,000.

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Can I Trust Online Loans?

Online loans are a quick and easy option for borrowing money and the safety of these loans depends on the lender. It is quite safe for borrowers who use reputable lenders. The top online lenders use bank-level data encryption to protect their sites and their customers’ details. You can do your own research and look for trustworthy lenders or you can use a broker who can guarantee the security of the lenders in their network.

Can I Get Quick Online Loans if I Am Unemployed?

To get approval for any loan, you need to show that you have the ability to repay it, and that means having at least a monthly income. Many lenders will look at your overall situation in terms of any current debts and your monthly expenses. If you have an income from unemployment benefits or something similar and you can show that you are able to repay the loan, you can find lenders who will approve a loan.

How to Get Online Loans Fast?

When you use an online broker such as CocoLoan, you just submit your details on the loan form and you will get an immediate response from their lender network. You can quickly compare the rates and terms and make a decision, and contact the lender for instant approval. Normally the cash will be directly credited to your bank account within 24 hours.

How Can I Improve My Credit Score

If you have a poor credit score, there are several things you can do to improve it.

  1. You can get a copy of your credit history for free from and you can check for any errors, and fix them.
  2. You can boost your credit score by paying your bills on time, such as rent and utility bills. The free service Experian Credit Increase can help with that.
  3. Also, pay off any credit cards or other current debts on time. If you improve your credit score it will make it easier to borrow money with a better rate of interest.
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