About Us

CocoLoan is an online loan broker that offers quick and easy services to American residents. We are a team of people with years of experience in this field and a strong passion to help you get on your feet quickly and efficiently. We have developed an algorithm-driven platform that can help you instantly locate loan offers that can suit your needs.

Our Mission

We believe that everyone deserves a helping hand when they are in a bind. Our mission is to make the process of obtaining a loan as quickly and easily as possible. We pave the way for our customers to get the money they need now, and hopefully in doing so, they will have a better financial status in the future.

Our Loan Services

With our deep understanding of the loan market, we can match you with the potentially most suitable lenders for you easily and quickly.

As soon as you submit your application for a loan with our online form (which takes only a few minutes to complete), we will send it to our lenders right away. They will then review your application, determine if you meet the qualifications for a loan, and send you an offer. The whole process usually takes only a few hours.

And once you pick the offer you like and make an agreement with the lender, they will deposit the money into your account, and this often happens on the same or next business day. Everything is simple, straightforward, and quick.

We partner with lenders that offer numerous types of loans that can be used for a wide range of purposes. You can take out payday loans, personal loans, title loans, bad credit loans and more. And they can be easily used for debt consolidation, car financing, home improvement, major purchases, and so on.

What Makes Us Different

CocoLoan is different from other loan service providers because we offer a personalized and accessible approach to loan finding.

The loan offer you get are tailored for you

Your loan application will be carefully reviewed by our lenders. Your creditworthiness will be examined to determine the loan amount and terms. So the offers you get are what you would need.

We take all kinds of borrowers

Many lenders in our network offer loans to individuals of diverse financial backgrounds. Whether you are unemployed, self-employed, have bad credit or low income, you can still see a lot of loan options on CocoLoan.

Our services are safe

We run our services totally in compliance with the privacy regulations around the world. We have state-of-the-art security measures in place to protect your connection to our platform . And our lenders are established and trusted businesses that prioritize your security.