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Since its launching in 2016, Dave has shown significant growth in the number of its users which is currently more than seven million. While you can always rely on this app for its easy cash advances, you may wonder if there are other apps that provide similar services or even potentially offer a better experience.

The answer is an absolute yes. Many other financial apps provide cash advance options with requirements, availability, terms, and rates that are slightly or even completely different from Dave. If you pay enough attention to these differences, you may have a better chance to find options that give you the most advantage in fulfilling your specific financial needs.

What Are Cash Advance Apps?

A cash advance is a service that allows customers or users to withdraw cash up to a certain limit from their financial providers like credit card issuers or other financial agencies. The money is commonly repaid on the same day the borrowers receive their salary. Nowadays, many people rely on finance-related apps like Dave for cash advances.

Cash advance apps are considered better than the traditional financial providers mostly because of their fast process, sensible terms, and easy access with an averagely higher limit of about $250. Most of them also charge very competitive interest rates and lower transaction fees.

10 Best Apps Like Dave

While Dave is often considered an ideal app for a cash advance, its service may not be available for everyone and its regulations can be quite strict for certain people. No matter what the reason is, rest assured because here you will find app alternatives to Dave with similar or even better services depending on your specific circumstance. Review the list below!


Albert’s cash advance provides easy funds of up to $250 that have to be repaid from your next paycheck. This service comes with no hidden fees, interest rates, or even late repayment fees and the process won't require any credit check. Albert gives options on how fast you want to receive the money. With no transaction fee, you will receive it within two to three business days. However, if you are willing to pay a small fee, you can receive it right away within a few minutes.

Albert’s streamlined interface is designed to take out any complexity so that the users can carry out financial transactions as smoothly and simply as possible. Furthermore, the app is equipped with responsive guidance from credible experts. This feature enables users to make more sensible financial decisions.


Similar to Dave, Brigit offers cash advances of up to $250 with more flexible terms. On your first loan, you will be given a one-time chance to extend your repayment terms. After becoming a frequent user, you will have three-time chances to postpone the due date without any penalty or late fees. Brigit’s system is equipped with automated advances to prevent overdraft fees by sending cash to your account whenever your balance is likely to drop below zero.

Brigit charges a monthly $9.99 subscription fee. While it may be comparatively higher than Dave’s $1 fee, Brigit’s services come with no transaction fees, interest rates, or late fees, which, in the long run, will be more advantageous especially if you plan to do a lot of transactions. The subscription fee also includes financial health updates, guidance to improve your credit, security advice, and opportunities to earn extra money.


Boro offers a loan of up to $2,000 with a maximum 12-month repayment term. The interest rates are determined based on your credit score and the repayment will be directly deducted from your checking account which is linked to Boro’s system.

Boro’s service is specifically targeted at students who are 18 years old or above, and registered in any college or university in the U.S, including fresh graduates. The service may not be available in certain states. You can check its official website to confirm the availability for your state.


Earnin provides a practical cash advance that enables you to receive payment for your daily work right after you finish the work. You can do this by submitting your work and bank information to the app. The app will calculate your estimated daily earnings based on the hourly rate of your workplace and send you the amount within one to two business days or in a few minutes if you decide to use the Lightning Speed feature. The repayment will be deducted automatically from your bank account on the day you receive your actual salary.

Earnin’s cash advance is available from $100 to $500. Unlike Dave. Instead of charging a subscription and transaction fees or applying any interest rates, this platform takes a unique approach by prompting a tip request of up to $14 after every transaction. If you regularly pay tips of at least $1.50, Earnin will give you an automatic prevention feature against overdraft fees.


With a relatively cheap subscription fee of $1.99, FloatMe me provides cash advance with no credit check and interest rates. The fee also includes access to its reliable features in tracking and visualizing your monthly spending to improve your overall finance.

FloatMe is specifically designed for millenials without no consideration for their financial stability. That is why its cash advance is only available for small amounts of up to $50. Furthermore, this platform gives a 30-day free trial for every new user, so you can be sure if the service is right for you before deciding to fully commit to it.


This app gained popularity for its prompt funding services especially to cover urgent financial needs without causing significant overdraft fees. DailyPay’s services come with very competitive transaction fees and interest rates. Its features include an automatic transfer that can be adjusted based on a set percentage or amount from your balance or available cash advance.

DailyPay offers two options for its speedy funding. The first option is a regular $1.99 transfer with which the money will be deposited into your bank account on the next business day. While the other one is a $2.99 instant transfer that enables you to receive the money within a few minutes.


MoneyLion’s cash advance offers instant funds of up to $250 per agreed pay cycle which is determined based on your regular income and the balance in your checking account. The service doesn’t require any credit check before, during, or after the application process so you can qualify even if you have bad credit. This app is equipped with practical tools to help you track your saving and spending as well as improve your credit ratings.

If you are approved for a cash advance, MoneyLion can provide the funds within a few hours which is relatively faster than most other apps on this list. This platform doesn’t charge any fees or interest, instead, it gives an option to leave tips after every transaction so that the service can remain free and available to as many users as possible.


Serving as an online banking app, Chime enables you to carry out digital banking transactions including making direct deposits, transferring money, sending checks, paying bills as well as getting cash advances. The cash advance amounts can reach up to $100 for new users and $200 for those who have withdrawn at least $500 over the last 31 days.

Compared to other online banking apps, Chime’s overall service is relatively cheaper as this app charges zero maintenance fees, transaction fees, minimum balance fees, or hidden fees. Furthermore, Chime also provides a free visa debit card that gives access to more than 38,000 MoneyPass ATMs and Visa Plus Alliance available across states.


Here is another app that provides cash advances of up to $250 with no interest rates or late fees. Empower’s service doesn't require a credit check so every user has an equal chance to qualify regardless of their credit history. If you are approved for a cash advance, the money will be disbursed to your Empower checking account for free or to your designated external bank account for $3. Empower’s main features include automated savings, monthly outcome reports, professional financial advice, and budgeting tools to strategically execute your funds.

Empower also releases Empower card which allows its holders to carry out free transactions at over 37,000 ATMs across the U.S. Furthermore, this platform gives 10% cashback on particular purchases at hundreds of grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants available in certain states.


Even is mostly known for its practical cash advance that is designed to cover daily needs like paying house bills or grocery shopping. The service works by providing funds taken from 50% of your estimated salary which is determined based on your income history. The money is repaid on the day you receive your actual salary.

Even’s cash advance is considered faster than many of its competitors as the process takes only one business day. In case you have urgent matters, you can go to Walmart MoneyCenter to instantly withdraw the money within a few minutes. This platform doesn’t apply interest rates or tax. However, it does charge a $2 weekly subscription fee that includes access to a range of useful tools to help carefully manage your finances.

Why Use Cash Advance Apps?

Compared to getting cash advances from conventional financial providers, using apps is definitely a more practical choice, as you can do it wherever and whenever you want. These apps also come with prices that are relatively more affordable. Some don’t charge a subscription fee and those who do provide overwhelming benefits that help you get quick money and enable you to strategically manage your finances.

Furthermore, the overall speed of these apps is also quite reliable. Most of them require two to three business days to receive the money, while some others only take one business day. However, if you are willing to pay a small fee, you can get it instantly within a few minutes.

What Are Other Cash Advance Options?

Apart from the list above, of course, there are many other apps and financial agencies that provide cash advances. However, not so many of them can offer credible services. If you want to search further for the right cash advances that can fit your specific needs, you may want to try the service of trusted loan brokers below.


CashAdvance can help you receive multiple loan offers from a network of reputable lenders. The platform is equipped with educational resources about finance that help you make better financial decisions. It also applies a prequalification service to determine if you can qualify for certain offers before proceeding further on the offers, so the process can go more smoothly.


CocoLoan’s services connect you to reliable lenders from extensive networks that most possibly have loan offers for your specific needs. The services also work very well for people with bad credit as CocoLoan’s system will only match them with lenders that are willing to overlook their bad credit and only run soft credit checks.

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