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Are you in urgent need of money but worried about your bad credit score affecting your chances of approval? Just like Urban BCL, CocoLoan is a great solution! Visit CocoLoan’s website and take your pick from the many loan options available even with bad credit!

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What is Bad Credit Loans Urban BCL?

Urban BCL is an online website designed to help people get in contact with third-party lenders, saving people the trouble of looking for a reliable and authentic lender all over the internet. All these lenders are verified and can be contacted through the website to help with one’s financial problems, like paying unexpected bills, medical expenses, damage repairs, and much more.

The website is tailored specifically for financially constrained people: No fees are charged for the application and connecting the borrower with a lender. Moreover, the staff is friendly yet professional, making it easy for the borrower to communicate their demands and concerns.

Urban BCL provides loans that are in the range of $260 to $4,999. The annual percentage rates and loan terms are all determined by the third-party lenders, thus, they may vary quite a bit. Furthermore, when you receive an offer, you are not obligated to accept it. You can keep looking until you find a lender who is willing to negotiate and set fair conditions.

The platform is SSL-secured and all your information is kept confidential. Privacy is never an issue when transacting money through Urban BCL.

How Does Bad Credit Loans Urban BCL Work?

Urban BCL has a straightforward procedure when it comes to applying for a loan and then managing the offers: After heading to the website, you need to fill in the application form. This inquiry is then passed on over to their lenders who will review your application thoroughly. Once approved, the lender will provide you with a loan offer.

The terms of the loan are all included in the offer, along with the APR and other important details. As mentioned previously, you have no obligation to sign the loan offer. If your bad credit loan application passes the verification process, a lender will contact you and give more information on the matter.

Remember that even with a bad credit rating, application approval is possible. Still, the lower your rating, the lesser the amount you will be able to borrow.

What are the Basic Requirements for Bad Credit Loans?

Before applying for a bad credit loan, there are some eligibility criteria that you have to meet. The requirements aren’t too strict but have to be taken care of nonetheless.

  1. Clean Credit History

    There should be no previous records of delinquency in your credit history. Judgments and bankruptcies must also have been dealt with.

    1. Minimum Income

      You must earn enough income so that you can repay your loan on time This will be determined by using the debt-to-income ratio.

      1. Beneficial Loan

        You must prove that the loan will improve your financial condition. Taking out a loan that’ll worsen your situation is favorable for neither you nor the lender.

        Alternatives to Bad Credit Loans Urban BCL

        Although Urban BCL is a decent option for getting a small sum fast in a financial crisis, there are other brokers worth considering. Here are some of the best alternatives to Urban BCL.


        CocoLoan is one of the best online platforms to find a lender. They have been in the loan brokerage business for quite some time and have amassed a huge clientele. They provide loans to all kinds of people: It doesn’t matter if your credit score is bad, because they hold several other factors at a higher priority in their criteria.

        CocoLoan has a variety of loan products that you can choose from personal, payday, installment, home loans, etc. You are sure to find one that suits your particular needs. You can borrow an amount of up to $5,000.

        The application process is simple and takes no more than 10 minutes. Processing time depends on your application; however, it is usually 1-2 business days. Overall, CocoLoan is a viable option if Urban BCL doesn’t fit your requirements.

        US Bad Credit Loans

        Another great website to apply for bad credit loans is US Bad Credit Loans. The smart user interface of their website helps people easily navigate to the required loan product: a feature that is surprisingly rare in online loan brokerage websites.

        Each page has a detailed description of the given product. Tips for first-time borrowers are also written out to help them understand their options, the benefits, and the risks.

        The loan plans are designed to facilitate borrowers with bad credit ratings. Processing the application doesn’t take long and, once approved, the offers are promptly sent to you. You can sign the one you like best.


        One of the biggest names in the loan brokerage industry is WeLoans. Since there is only a soft credit check in most cases, getting approved for a loan is quite easy. It takes only a few minutes to go through your application. Afterward, you are provided with a list of potential lenders.

        You have no obligation to sign a loan offer. You can reject as many of them as you like until you find a lender willing to come to your terms.

        The staff is friendly and helpful, giving the best advice on how to choose an offer, maximize your chances of approval, improve credit scores, and use your loan to climb out of a bad financial situation!

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        How to Get Loans for Bad Credit Through CocoLoan?

        CocoLoan is the leading online broker for online loans and your go-to solution if you need money quickly. To apply for a bad credit loan through CocoLoan, there are a couple of steps you have to follow. After doing this, the funds will be transferred directly to your account as soon as possible.

        • Select the amount you wish to borrow.
        • Complete the application form by filling in your basic details.
        • Wait for the application to be processed. (Usually, it takes only a couple of minutes.)
        • Receive a list of reputable lenders along with their loan offers.
        • Choose an offer that suits you best and contact the lender.
        • Settle the loan terms with the lender and digitally sign the contract.
        • Receive your money within the next few business days.

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      4. Some Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

        Bad credit on your record is a nuisance that prevents you from enjoying a lot of the facilities offered by banks and other financial institutions. However, it is not like there is nothing you can do. Here are some things that can raise your credit score.

        Check your credit history

        A quick run-through of your past financial dealings and transactions gives a good insight as to what is bringing your credit score down and what is going to get it back up. This helps highlight the things that are negatively affecting your score and sets a target for you to reach.

        Pay bills

        Any remaining bills that you have not already paid. Always try to deal with your expenses in time. Avoid edging close to the due date or going over it.

        Keep credit utilization 30% or less

        The portion of your credit limit that you use is called “credit utilization”. This parameter contributes greatly to your FICO score calculation. The lower the utilization, the higher the score will be.

        Lessen requests for hard credit checks

        A hard credit check can sometimes negatively affect your score. According to recent studies, a single inquiry may reduce it by 5 points, while multiple hard inquiries in a short period may deplete it by as much as 10 points. So, make sure to get a hard check only when necessary.

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