Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards with a $1,000 Limit for Bad Credit

Want to find a credit card with guaranteed approval for a $1,000 limit, even with bad credit? We’ve listed the best-guaranteed approval credit cards for you. You can also get up to $5,000 through CocoLoan today!

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Can I Get Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards with a $1,000 Limit for Bad Credit?

The request for a credit card is never truly guaranteed to be approved. Banks require a hard credit check before they consider issuing the customer a card and setting its credit limit. This is often bad news for those with bad credit history.

A bad credit score indicates the customer’s inability to pay off their debts in the past. This makes the bank reluctant in giving you a high credit limit. Therefore, even if you manage to obtain a credit card, the limit will most likely not exceed $500.

However, some institutions do provide $1,000 limits even to those with bad credit. They require only a soft credit check, thus making the offer highly appealing to those with low credit scores.

Two Types of Credit Cards with a $1,000 Limit for Bad Credit

There are two types of credit cards with a $1,000 credit limit that are available right now: Secured and unsecured ones.

Secured Credit Cards

Secured credit cards require you to make an initial security deposit which will serve as your credit limit on the card. So, to obtain a $1,000 credit limit on your card, you will have to make a $1,000 security deposit first. Naturally, the interest is lower and the requirements are lenient.

These kinds of cards come with the benefit of no added fees, and you can also redeem your security deposit later on. This security deposit can be used to pay off debts that you end up not paying off on time.

Unsecured Credit Cards

No initial security deposits are required for these cards and their limit is set by the lender. Since these cards are unsecured, they come with high-interest rates and additional fees.

These kinds of cards do not need compulsory collateral, making them an appealing choice for people with little money to spare at the moment. Some lenders also allow limits higher than $1,000 if the borrower can prove that they can repay the amount in due time.

Top 4 Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards for Bad Credit

After researching and analyzing all the cards available right now, we have shortlisted some that are likely to be the best bet for you! All these cards are managed by reputable companies and have financially satisfied hundreds of customers already.

Discover It

Founded in 1985 by Sears, it ranks third in the US in terms of the number of cards circulation. The bank that issues it, Discover Bank, has agreements with many international payment networks such as UnionPay, Verve, and Elo. This allows you to perform transactions even when you are abroad.


  • No annual fee is needed to keep ownership of the card.
  • The credit card company reports directly to the three major credit bureaus.
  • People can qualify for the card even with poor or bad credit.
  • Helps build back credit score if used with caution.
  • New cardholders get bonus offers.


  • The APR on the credit card is higher than most other cards.
  • A minimum deposit is required to get a credit limit on your card.


Another great credit card is the OpenSky Secured Visa Card. It does not require a credit check at all. Instead, there is a refundable deposit that ranges from $200 to $3000. This deposit determines the initial credit limit. Since it is issued and managed by the renowned Capital Bank, you can rest easy that the services you get will be top-notch.


  • No credit check is required to see if you qualify for the card.
  • People with bad credit scores can easily qualify.
  • Helps build back credit if used properly.


  • It has an annual credit card usage fee.
  • There are no extra rewards for new cardholders or old cardholders.
  • Requires a minimum deposit to be made.
  • There is a 3% foreign transaction fee.

Surge MasterCard

Surge MasterCard is a product of Celtic Bank. They are famous not only for commercial financing but also for SBA loans. Being a favorite among all kinds of borrowers and loan brokers, their reputation speaks for itself. Acquiring the Surge card is also easier for bad credit because no security deposit is demanded from new cardholders.


  • It offers both secured and unsecured options.
  • No initial security deposit is required.
  • The application process is easy and the results are given quickly.
  • Reports directly to the three major credit bureaus.


  • A checking account is required to get this card.
  • Annual fees for using the card.


If you’re looking to improve your credit score, another great credit card that you can opt for is the Reflex unsecured credit card. This credit card has been rated an A+ by the Better Business Bureau, making it the ideal choice for beginner cardholders.


  • The credit limit goes up to $1,000 at first. Then it reaches $2,000 after a year.
  • The credit card company reports directly to the three major credit bureaus.


  • Annual fees can go as high as $99.
  • Maintenance fees start after a year of account creation.

What Should I Consider Before Choosing a Credit Card?

The sheer number of options when it comes to credit cards is baffling. However, you can begin to narrow the list down once you figure out what you want. Before applying for a card, consider the following parameters.

Interest Rate

Make sure that the interest rates on the card are within a range comfortable for you. You should aim to get a card that will help you out of bad credit and back into good credit so high-interest rates will only push you back into the bad credit zone.

Annual Fees

Try to get a card that has no annual fees on it. This would be the ideal case. However, in practical scenarios, the best you can get is a fee that does not exceed 5% of the loan amount. Most borrowers can manage this easier.


Make sure that you’re getting something in return for using that particular credit card to make your daily transactions. Rewards that come with using credit cards help a lot. So, get a card that comes with multiple rewards.

Alternate Options to Get $1,000 with Bad Credit

Apart from credit cards, there are various loans that you can take out to get fast cash even with bad credit. These loans usually go up to $5,000 and sometimes even more. Some of them are as follows.

Personal Loans

These kinds of loans help people get money in bulk, and the repayment is done over the loan term. There is no requirement for collateral or security. Minimal documentation is needed, but the lender does demand some form of evidence that you can return their money in time.

Payday Loans

These are short-term loans taken out to cover unexpected expenses immediately, and the amount can be repaid in full on your next payday or after a month. The interest rate is high as the loan term is shorter than other loans. All you need is proof of income to show that you can pay off the loan in due time.

Installment Loans

As the name suggests, these kinds of loans are taken out and repaid over a longer course of time, usually months or years. They have a fixed interest rate and are easily repayable. Each monthly installment has its due date. It is possible to take out a loan amount higher than $5,000 too. Thus, it is a great alternative to credit cards because of the much higher amounts available.

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Can I Get Guaranteed Approval Loans with $1,000 Limits for Bad Credit through CocoLoan?

In reality, there is no such thing as “guaranteed approval”, but the odds of request approval can be improved by working on your record and choosing a good broker. CocoLoan makes getting approved for a loan much easier with lenient credit requirements and multiple loan options. CocoLoan is sure to find you a trustworthy lender with its state-of-the-art algorithm.

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