Unemployment Loans for Bad Credit

Unemployment loans are lifesavers, especially in today’s economy. When it rains, it pours, and the unemployed could, at the same time, struggle from bad credit and unexpected expenses that cannot be sorted out through conventional financing. That’s where unemployment loans come in.

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Can I Get a Loan If I’m Unemployed?

Wondering whether getting a loan is possible without a paying job? The short answer is Yes. There are loans available for those that are out of jobs or working on one that doesn't pay consistently.

A good credit score and proof that you have a job are two things that almost all lenders require when applying for a personal loan. But not having them isn’t always a dealbreaker. Anyone who has lost their job knows about unemployment benefits and other government-sponsored schemes for those without work.

While the amounts might not be enough to help you cover your expenses, you can use them as proof of income to take out an unemployment loan for higher amounts!

Although unemployment loan requirements are not strict, you must pass the following checks to qualify.

● You are a U.S resident

● You are 18 years old or above

● You have an active bank account

● Document showing previous incomes

For your income documents, you have a variety of options:

● Retiree pension

● Interest from investments

● Social Security

● Unemployment benefits

● Alimony payment

● Child support

Can I Get Approved If I Have Inconsistent Income?

There's a reasonable probability that you have or are still experiencing times of unpredictable income, especially if you are self-employed or work as a freelancer. In any case, you can still get the loan you require if you follow the best practices.

Some of these practices include proving that your business has been in operation for several years and using co-signers if your lender has the option.

Online Loans for Unemployed People With Bad Credit

No need to worry if your credit score is not so pretty! There are types of bad credit loans that unemployed people can apply for. The most popular among them include:

  • Payday loans
  • Personal loans
  • Car title loans
  • Peer-to-peer lending

The best approach to locating unemployment lenders is through online searches. These resources have simple qualifying requirements and quick return times. Of course, borrowers must be of legal age. Typically, a bank account that has been open for at least four months is needed.

How Much Can I Borrow?

Once you have the necessary documents for a loan, the next thing you may want to find out is the amount you can get.

While there are countless lenders with various types of loans that may seem overwhelming, CocoLoan, characterized by a wide network of lenders, can save you all the hassles and help you connect with suitable and legitimate lenders that offer different amounts.

At CocoLoan, you can get a maximum payday loan of up to $5000! As for title loans for the unemployed, the amount you can get is based on a percentage of the value of your car whose title is put up as collateral.

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How Can I Get an Unemployed Loan With Bad Credit?

It is easy to get an unemployment loan. A few minutes to submit your application, and money is released once your application is approved. However, things can get a bit complicated with poor credit.

A poor credit score indicates to a potential lender that you could have had trouble in the past repaying debts and that you might pose a greater risk to them as a borrower. Due to this, the lender could reject your application or accept it in exchange for a sizable interest rate.

You can do some things to increase the chances of getting your application approved.

● Pay off other debt first.

● Get a co-signer.

● Take fewer tax deductions.

● Maintain or improve your credit score.

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