How to Cash a Check without ID

You can cash a check even if you have lost your ID or you simply do not have a bank account. Check out the list of options available to you and also get loan offers here today!

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Is an ID Required to Cash a Check?

Generally, having an ID is one of the suitable ways to cash a check from a bank. Some banks in the US often require it before allowing customers to perform check transactions. That’s because the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation typically mandates banks to set up an identity verification policy.

However, it is not compulsory to have a form of identification before you can attempt to cash a check. It only makes sense that people who have lost their ID should still be able to cash checks. The same applies to people who are in between renewing an expired ID.

So, while it’s advisable to always have an ID handy, there are different methods to cash a check without an ID.

What Kind of ID Do I Need to Cash a Check?

The most acceptable forms of ID common with banks are government-issued photo identity documents. These types of IDs are issued by the state or federal government. So, they are usually more authoritative.

In addition, they contain the most important details that banks or stores usually require. For example, they usually have your full name, date of birth, and photograph. Below are some of the most common, valid IDs you need to cash a check.

    • United States International Passport
    • Government-issued Driver’s License or Learner’s Permit
    • Military Photo ID card
    • U.S. Visa
    • Social Security Card

The means of identification listed above are not your only options. You can also use secondary means of identification that are issued by government agencies or recognized private establishments.

Here’s a detailed list of additional forms of ID that may be accepted by banks.

    • Employment ID Card
    • Birth Certificate
    • U.S. Permanent Resident ID Card
    • College ID Card

Before submitting any ID, make sure it hasn’t expired and is still valid for official use.

How Can I Cash A Check Without an ID?

No ID check cashing saves you the stress of presenting a means of identification every time you wish to make check transactions. Thankfully, there are up to five different ways to cash a check without an ID. Here are some of the methods you can follow.

Check Cashing on ATMs

Some Automated Teller Machines allow you to cash your checks without IDs for free. In essence, you can insert the paper check into the machine and instantly receive the cash value from the ATM.

Unfortunately, not all ATMs have this feature. This means you may have to look for places to cash checks without ID that offer this specific ATM service.

Signing over to Trusted Third Parties

If you have friends or families with a means of identification, they can help you cash your check. All you have to do is sign over the check to them to collect your funds.

To sign checks over, you should confirm if the third party’s bank will accept your check. Afterward, pay the check to the order of the person’s name and sign. Your friend or family has to be at the bank physically to make the transaction possible.

ECommerce Apps and Digital Wallets

Platforms like Venmo and PayPal are other ways to cash a check without ID. It is important to confirm if your digital wallet supports a “Cash a Check” feature. If it does, you can simply upload pictures of the check.

Prepaid Cards

If you have a prepaid card, you can cash your check at a very small fee from banks. Below is a step-by-step process outlining how to cash a check without ID using prepaid cards.

    • Verify if your card issuer is compatible with check-cashing apps.
    • Install accepted apps on your Android or iOS smartphone.
    • Link your prepaid card to the check-cashing app.
    • Upload pictures of the check for the bank’s review.
    • Your funds may take up to three business days to arrive.

Bank Mobile Apps

You can cash a check without an ID online by using your bank’s designated mobile app. Banks like Wells Fargo, Capital One, and Bank of America have their own apps. You can download them on your smartphone and perform transactions seamlessly.

To cash your check, simply use the deposit check function you’ll find on the app. This process may require you to send pictures of the check as well as your personal information. For example, your bank may request the preferred account where you’ll want to receive the funds.

Check Cashing Places that Don't Require ID Near Me

Most people are usually curious about check-cashing without ID locations near them. Well, there are several locations where you can process check cashing transactions without ID. But even then, you have to follow one or more of the no ID check cashing processes we listed above.

Here are some locations you should check out.

    • Bank Automated Teller Machines with check cashing feature. Here, you can simply insert the paper check into the machine and enter the correct amount.
    • Retail stores or supermarkets like Walmart are suitable places to cash your stimulus check for a flat fee.
    • Check Cashing Centers which are specialized establishments offering check cashing services. Common examples include Community Financial Service Centers.
    • Check Issuing Banks.
    • Check Issuing Credit Unions.
    • Gas Stations.
    • Payday Loan Lenders.

Can Someone Else Cash My Check?

As earlier stated, one of the ways to cash your check without having an ID is to let someone cash it on your behalf. Simply put, someone else can cash your check if you sign it over to them. However, it is important to make sure you trust such a third party.

You can sign your check over to a third party by writing “Pay to the order (the party’s name)”. Afterward, sign at the back of the check. When you do this, you authorize this person to collect cash on your behalf at the bank physically.

Can I Cash a Check Without an ID at CocoLoan?

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