Cash Advance Apps That Work with Chime

Chime’s policy allows only some apps to work with it. Considering the cost, usability, interface, and other features, we have shortlisted 5 such compatible apps that offer the best experience. You can also get cash advance through CocoLoan today!

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How Do Cash Advance Apps Work?

Say you have worked on a project or have completed a task for a client, and you have earned some money. But you do not get the payment or salary transacted to you immediately. You will receive it on a weekly or monthly basis.

That’s where cash advance apps come in. You can take out an amount from the app and return it later. This service is useful for those who are in urgent need of some quick cash for some unplanned expense that they cannot cover immediately.

Most apps allow a loan amount ranging from $100 to $500. These cash advance apps rarely charge interest on the loan and have nominal service fees. Thus, they are relatively inexpensive to use.

What Is Chime?

Chime, in the simplest of terms, is an alternative bank account that customers can open for a multitude of benefits they wouldn’t otherwise get from standard bank accounts. The financial technology and policy used by Chime are backed by banks that are themselves FDIC members.

Like normal banks, Chime issues you a Visa debit card and you can open a spending account that can be managed remotely through your phone.

Users also have the option of opening a savings account. The savings account has a higher interest rate than similar accounts in normal banks, so you will have to deposit a larger sum as an interest to your account every month. With Chime, you can access your paycheck up to 2 days earlier.

Chime also has a credit card service made specifically for building credit. The Credit Builder Credit Card can be accessed after you have enrolled in the program. Enrollment is possible only after a first-time deposit of $200. Later, a credit builder account will be opened in your name. You can then transfer funds to it from your regular spending account and set a custom limit for it.

5 Cash Advance Apps That Work with Chime

Finally, the time to reveal our list of the top 5 cash advance apps that work with Chime has come. Bear in mind that all of the apps given below have passed our quality and satisfaction tests and each of them has proven to be adequate for most users.


Albert is one of the leading cash advance apps in the market, offering its users up $250 in withdrawable sum, depending on the customer’s income. Albert Genius is a premium service that offers a few extra features: Finance tips, advice from experts, and an additional 1% reward on your savings account. This premium service costs $3.99 a month.

To add Chime to Albert, switch to the “Budget” tab and click the “+” at the top. Select “Chime” or search for it if you can’t find it on the list. Lastly, enter your Chime account credentials and you’re set!


Another top-notch cash advance app that works well with Chime is Cleo. It offers a money management system that you can use to track and analyze your recent withdrawals and deposits. If you have been using the app for a long while, you might qualify for loans based on your transactions. However, for this purpose, you will be required to subscribe to Cleo Plus. You can get up to $100 worth of salary advance.

The app has a built-in interactive guide that helps you connect Chime to Cleo. Thus, the procedure is quite simple and easy to follow.


Dave is one of the most popular apps for cash advance services. Normal users can get a $100 advance, but with Dave Direct Deposit, you can withdraw up to $200. The exact advance amount depends on the following parameters.

  • Two qualified direct deposits
  • Expected income
  • History of deposits and transactions for the last two months
  • Account Balance
  • Any negative balances on the account

To use Dave, a monthly subscription fee of $1 will be charged. To link Chime to Dave, head to the “Profile” section and choose “Linked Banks and Cards”. Select “Change” and then select “Bank”. Choose “Chime” and enter your account credentials. Once this is done, you are good to go!


This cash advance app allows an interest-free advance of up to $250 for qualified members who have an Empower checking account. To be eligible for this amount, you must have a healthy current account with a monthly deposit of at least $500 and must pay an $8 monthly subscription fee.

Moreover, two deposits of $100 at the minimum within the last two months must be made while maintaining a balance of more than $100 for the previous 10 days.

To connect Chime to the app, go to the “Accounts” section from the homepage of the app and click on the “+” in the top-right corner. Continue by entering your Chime account details.


MoneyLion allows you to borrow a sum of up to $1000 on an interest-free basis with optional tipping. Like the previous cash advance apps, the eligibility criteria are simple: You must have a checking account that’s at least 2 months old and regular income deposits.

MoneyLion has services like credit building loans, checking accounts, managed investing, personal loans, and credit score tracking that make it very convenient for new users.

To add Chime to the app, click “Add Account” in the “Transfers” section or navigate to “More Options”. From there, add your Chime account as directed by the interface.

Other Options to Get Cash Advances Online

Cash advances may seem like a good option for quickly fixing a short-term financial issue, but it is worth noting that these advances do not last very long and can only be taken out in a short window of time. Furthermore, new users can only borrow small, limited sums, usually $50 at a time. If these apps do not suit your needs, there is a variety of alternatives you can opt for.

Payday loans, for instance, allow for a more flexible repayment period and a higher loanable amount. These loans typically benefit those users who have not used cash advance apps at all before and cannot wait months to be eligible for their higher advance amount programs.

CocoLoan is one of the leading brokers in the market, offering our customers $50 to $5000 in payday loan amounts. Our trusted lenders have high customer satisfaction ratings, so you can rest assured that your needs will be fully met if you choose us.

Another alternative to cash advances is credit card cash advances. You can use your credit card to withdraw money from your checking account for a transaction fee. Even though you’ll have to pay this fee, the limit for withdrawing money will be much higher than a cash advance, so it is generally a better option.

You can pay the amount back in full before the bill comes to avoid any interest charges. One big drawback of this, however, is that you will have to pass a hard credit check to become eligible for these services.

How much would you like to borrow?



How much can I borrow with CocoLoan?

CocoLoan allows its customers full freedom in choosing between $50 to $5,000 in loan amounts. However, the exact loan amount will depend on the lender you choose to borrow from.

In this regard, rest easy that whatever amount you need, our trusted and reliable lenders will try to help you to the best of their abilities. Your satisfaction is their top priority, after all.

Can I get funding instantly?

Realistically speaking, obtaining funding is never a matter of “seconds”, so there is no such thing as an instant cash advance. Funds will be transferred to you within a business day after your application acceptance and processing. The time taken will also depend on the lender you are dealing with. Some might take longer than others to process your loan.

Is it possible to get cash advances with a bad credit score?

Most of our lenders do not require a hard credit check. However, a soft credit check will be performed. Your credit score, thus, has only a minor effect on application approval, so it is not a huge concern. In most cases, however, credit checks tend to get stricter as the loan amount increases.

Will CocoLoan check my credit?

CocoLoan does not conduct a credit check when processing your application form for a loan. However, our partner lenders often require a soft credit check but that only scarcely affects the chances of your application getting approved.

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